Artificial Intelligence

Tailored Deep Learning

We have developed a proprietary artificial intelligence solution that has been designed specifically for the problem that we are trying to help to solve; skin cancer.

We use an ensemble of classifiers to provide state of the art performance which has been proven to match dermatologists using the ground truth of histopathology.

This enables us to work with healthcare services around the world to deliver better care to patients.

Dermatologist Quality Performance

We have worked with leading clinical researchers from around the world to design and clinically evaluate our performance.

To assess the accuracy of our AI we have written an observational paper using 6,000 images of melanoma, confirmed by biopsy, and have completed the world’s first prospective study in AI for skin cancer. The papers show that our custom AI solution:

The Deep Ensemble for the Recognition of Malignancy (DERM) is as accurate as dermatologists in identifying melanoma.

Since these studies we have expanded our AI to cover a number of Non Melanoma Skin Cancers, and are evaluating this with further studies.

Patient Safety and Quality Policy

Skin Analytics aims to provide best in class solutions for patients. We work to exceed our customers and partners expectations by delivering on our brand vision with innovative and customer focused products and services.

We empower our teams to maintain a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, underpinned by an effective and efficient Quality Management System that complies with statutory and regulatory requirements.

We put safety and outcomes at the heart of what we do, to provide high quality products and services which are reliable, safe and compliant.

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