All of us have a spot somewhere that distinguishes us from the rest. We may love it, we may hate it but it makes us unique.


Getting checked out

The problem is that those nice, intriguing and charming marks could hide a dangerous soul.

Are they good or are they not? Well if it changes it’s probably not on Santa’s christmas list. The challenge is that it’s  hard to be sure it’s changed or not when you see it every day!

Going to the doctor is always the right thing to do when you are concerned about your spots, but how many of us have been asked: “Has it changed?” and been left stammering “…Uhm…Ah… I don’t know”.

The fact is that the doctor can not know if your beauty spot has grown or not. They are trained to take no chances with your health and live by the mantra “If in doubt cut it out!”.

This is the sad end to the story of so many of our nice, good-hearted moles whose only purpose was to help us be beautiful and unique. So, many of us have a scar in the place of that poor, lovely thing.

Unfortunately, the doctors can’t avoid cutting out moles, because they don’t have enough information to make a diagnosis without a biopsy.

As patients, we can help them though, by checking our moles regularly, taking a picture and bringing it to the doctor.

This way we’ll all be happier and healthy with our beauty spots and not too many scars. The doctors will have what their patients don’t give them at the moment, and be in a better place to help.

Oh and our good-intentioned beauty spots will do what they do best, make us who we are.