When it comes to Skin Cancer, both governments and charities tend to create shocking ads, to get our attention through the noise of everyday life.

It makes sense why they do this, skin cancer takes peoples lives unnecessarily and simple actions could reduce the impact significantly.

However, here at Skin we believe that taking care of our health is not a matter of scaring people. We all have to spend our lives in the sun and we believe that our job is to provide people the tools to do so responsibly

And being responsible in the sun means taking the preventative measures we all know we should be following (Slip, Slop, Slap anyone?)

Don’t get us wrong, skin cancer is a very serious disease, and needs to be treated seriously. If detected early, treatment is more effective and everybody wants that.

But research has shown that scare tactics aren’t effective long term. So here at Skin Analytics we very much appreciated Cancer Research UK’s campaign about general cancer prevention, which took a lighter hearted approach.


What do you think?