Johnson & Johnson has long been synonymous with healthcare but they are as aware as anyone that healthcare needs reforming. Customers need to be at the centre of how we deliver health and not just because it is the latest catch cry circulating health circles.

We all know healthcare costs are rising faster than national wealth and we know that technology is the key to reversing this trend. Except, it’s not.

Zack Cooper, a Professor at Yale University and LSE pointed out that technology was the driving force behind the massive increase in health care costs. Well it would make sense that better healthcare needs better technology which costs to develop.

And that is true, except that we believe the focus shouldn’t be on technology. The focus should be on people.

We should be an active part of our own healthcare provision and it should be our own responsibility to make sure we make the most of our health.

To do that, we need to have all the information about us available to us. We should be free to research our history and be encouraged to have an open discourse with our doctors.

Medical degrees don’t come easily, so we have to realise the opinion of those with them are qualified opinions. At the same time it is us who are experiencing the symptoms, so who better to be part of the solution.

We believe that preventative healthcare must be rewarded through our healthcare systems. It is a hard problem, but people are great at solving problems.

Finally, we believe that skin cancer screening should be a part of national health services. Simply because early on there are virtually no other symptoms and screening has been proven to be effective.

Effective, but not cost effective.

Well technologies, ours and others, that aim to give people the tools to screen themselves, can change that.