When you first scan your moles with Skin Analytics, you’ll notice that we ask for two, or occasionally even more photos the first time around. Why do we do this?


Well the simple answer is that what we’re doing is tracking your moles for change, and to have a really good indicator of when your mole has changed, we want a really good baseline against which to run our change detection algorithm.

By getting several images of your moles, we actually get a whole lot more information than we can from a single photograph, boosting the limits on the subtlety of change we can detect.

Once you’ve uploaded your first few photos, we then only need a single image each time you scan your moles to check if there’s been a change.

If we do spot a change, we’ll ask you to take another image so we can get another super-clear picture of the mole at the point at which we think it’s changed. This technique allows us to achieve an accuracy in our service which far exceeds that possible with only a single image each time.

Skin Analytics is the only mole-tracking service that detects real change in moles, and our multi-shot analysis gives us an accuracy well above what is possible with just a single shot, and that’s not our salesmen talking – that’s mathematics.