If you spend some time online looking for the origin of tanning , you’ll see thousands of articles that talk about Coco Chanel starting the trend.

The story goes that Mademoiselle Chanel was visiting the French Riviera and accidentally burned while sailing on a yacht. Being very self-confident woman, she didn’t hide from the public with her tanned skin, despite that at that time pale skin was a sign of refinement and sophistication.

The message was clear, tanning was fashionable, It had to be, Coco Chanel did it.

So Coco Chanel is the cause of the worrying rapid increase in the number of people with melanoma, right?

Well we think that’s a bit unfair. What Chanel showed us is that it was not a matter of tanning, but being happy with ourselves. The thing is, she didn’t mean to tan, but it happened, and she comfortable enough with herself not to be concerned about it.

The message is that if your skin is amber, ebony or ivory, real beauty is what matters and it comes from within, not from without.

Having a tan is popular now, just like being pale was popular in Chanel’s day. But just like Chanel, be beautiful with the skin you’ve got, rather than tanning to fit the current trends.

That way, you’ll stay safe and enjoy your beautiful skin for longer.

Let us know if you agree! 😉