That’s right, Skin Analytics is on Forbes. We may be a little over excited about it.

If you have read a few our posts you’ll have gathered that we are a very passionate, but very small company. Size does count when you want people know what you do and what matters to you.

So we were pretty excited when Wayra told us that Jennifer Kite-Powell from Forbes wanted to talk to us.

Jennifer came expecting to see “another app” created to track every mouthful of apple pie you have in a day.

To her eternal credit, when we told her “It’s not an app”, she gave us the time we needed to explain why. Seeing Jennifer normally focuses on future topics such as growing a pancreas in a lab, we were delighted when she got as excited about Skin as we do.

She then wrote a fantastic article on what Skin Analytics is and what Skin Analytics is not. If you want to read it, you can find it here.

The effect it had on our company was amazing. Many people came to our site and tried our service.

Thanks  to Jennifer and Forbes, more people now know what we are.  We will always be grateful for that.