Last week had been an awesome week in the history of Skin Analytics.

Our friends at Wayra and Telefónica gave us the opportunity to exhibit at Wired 2014 in Tobacco Docks London, where we were able to spread awareness about skin cancer and sun damage caused by UV light to even more people. The overall response could not have been better and we would like to thank all people that visited us for their delighted discussions and feedback. Here is a look back:

  • We listened to many great talks about analysing your DNADNA-printed drugs that fight cancer and future Quantum Computers that could radically improve computer simulations of cell behaviour.
  • Our CEO Neil Daly had an inspiring chat with Anne Wojcicki from 23AndMe with whom we share views about transforming health care, the quantified self movement and personalised medicine.
  • As we turned starstruck we failed to approach Natascha McElhone watching the “How the sun sees you” viral 🙁
  • As we replicated the UV camera setup later on the first evening, we shot UV-selfies of tons of people (send us a message if you don’t receive your photo within a week).
  • We educated all those people about UV protection, dangerous melanoma and ways to spot mole change earlier using our App.
  • Last but not least, we were privileged enough to meet His Royal Highness The Duke of York who was surprised with the simplicity of our service. We basically have future medical devices right in our hand (the mobile phone). Quote: “Is that it?”. Yes, it is that simple, Sir.

So a big thank you to all who made this happen and hope to see again all our visitors soon. Stay UV-protected!


– Eduard