Christmas is coming and with it holidays! Holidays always bring free time to laze around and enjoy the comfort of our homes in our lovely, cuddly Christmas jumpers if you live high in the northern hemisphere.

That’s great! But we think it is also a great opportunity to do something good for our health. Yes, we are talking about getting outdoors!

If you live south of the equator, you can have a good time walking, cycling, swimming or any other sport in the wonderful warm weather.

If you live north of the equator it’s a good time to pack your equipment and head off skiing or snowboarding with friends, family, or just yourself.

We all know that being active has proven benefits for our minds and bodies. Endorphins released during exercise keeps us happy and resilient during stressful times.

What isn’t as well known is that after exercising, people are more likely to be amorous… physically that is, so we suggest you bring your partners with you.

But bear in mind that a lot of sports are done under the sun?

Sun protection is not only for the beach! If you’re outside, you need to protect yourself from the sun.

Even when skiing with 99% of your body covered in thousands of layers, remember that your face is still out in the sun, for generally a very long time.

Now stop reading our blog and head out to enjoy the season!

…but don’t forget your sun protection!