Change is the single universal truth about melanoma.

Let’s be clear what that means and what it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that if your mole changes it is melanoma.

It does mean that if you have a melanoma it will change. So every mole that changes, especially in an asymmetric way should be seen by a medical professional.

The challenge we all have is that according to research, we are all pretty bad at taking action when we think a mole has changed (the delay can be up to 18 months!!). There is a whole bunch of interesting psychology wrapped up in this but we see this as one of the key challenges that we are set up to address.

We can’t tell you if you have melanoma, that is for a medical professional to do. Be sceptical of anyone who tells you they can, because we a great dermatologist on our Scientific Advisory Board who is very clear how hard that is to do with just an image.

What we can tell you is if something is changing. We’re really good at it actually. Really good.

So we plan to be the trigger to get you to take action and not put it off for 18 months. What’s more, we help you bring your historical change information to your GP so that they can see what’s been happening.

Whether you use our service or not, we urge you to monitor your moles. Being outside is necessary and healthy if you take preventative measures to keep healthy.