If you were thinking our blog was a little low on celebrity gossip then today, loyal followers of Skin Analytics, is your day.

Hugh Jackman, Hollywood star of stage and screen, has had another basal cell carcinoma removed from his nose.

Fortunately it seems like he’s caught his cancer on time and is receiving good treatment. But he’s also said that he expects to get many more skin cancers during his lifetime.

He puts this down to growing up with fair skin in the sunny Australian weather, during a time when people just weren’t so aware of the risks of sun exposure.

We at Skin Analytics always go on and on about using sun protection as the most effective way to lower your risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen, stay out of the sun and keep covered up to keep yourself safe.

And we’re also reminding you constantly that one of the critical symptoms of melanoma is a changing or new mole.  The bottom line is that you need to keep track of your skin and your moles to keep yourself safe from skin cancer.

But if you won’t take it from us, then take it from Wolverine.

Hugh said: “…the beauty of this is it’s all preventable, it’s just about getting proper check-ups. I can be a typical man, a little lazy, I couldn’t be bothered and now I’m not lazy at all.“

Which is where we come in. Skin Analytics offers a mole tracking service. You can upload photos of your moles and we’ll tell you if the mole has changed. So if, like Hugh, you’re feeling a little lazy, we’ll help you watch out for the symptoms of melanoma.

So listen to Wolverine people. Don’t be lazy, stay safe in the sun and keep an eye on your skin.

And Hugh…we’d be more than happy to help you track your moles…

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