CNN Interview

If it does not turn up on Google did it really happen? Recently our CEO Neil was interviewed by CNN about our AI and how it can help find skin cancer which will improve patient outcomes and save public health a lot of money too. As a company we were very very excited by this. We even took time off in the middle of the work day to watch TV (hint it was CNN).

I really really wanted to be able to provide a link. I mean how often does a little London based med tech company get to be on CNN? Alas, I’ve been trying to find the link but have not had much luck as yet. But it did happen and I promise that I will track it down and post it. Really!

In the mean time I am also happy to share another interview that Neil did, this time with our work space hosts, The Trampery. Have a read. Neil explains how he left the security of one of the world’s biggest company to run his own little startup. I am sure that the good folk at the Trampery won’t be offended that their interview is not held in the same esteem as CNN. Which is why they did not get the title! I do think that the Trampery is a way better shared work space than CNN if that helps!