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If you or a loved one have a worrying mole that has changed colour, shape or size, is bleeding, itching or is new or stands out? Get it checked with Skin Analytics, a clinically validated virtual AI Dermatologist developed to give you an accurate diagnosis in minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Skin Analytics AI Dermatologist has been validated in a number of clinical studies and has assessed over 25,000 patients, finding more than 1,600 cancers.

Stop putting it off today, early detection of skin cancer saves lives

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Manage your skin concerns in the privacy of your own home.

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Our assessment is fast and reliable and you don’t need to leave home.


Our medical service gives you access to accurate skin lesion assessment.

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We will be launching in your area very soon. Leave your email to receive a discount off your first Skin Analytics AI Dermatologist session. In the meantime, don’t delay, contact your health provider today and get that mole checked.


off your 1st
AI Dermatologist session


With specific insurance providers
  • Up to 3 lesions
  • Dermoscope sent to you
  • Reply paid postage

What to expect

  1. Book your virtual AI Dermatologist session with us
  2. We will send you a dermascope delivered within 24hrs
  3. You take the images and upload onto our platform
  4. Our clinically validated AI will give you a dermatologist quality assessment
  5. One of our clinicians will call you back to discuss your results within the hour

Unsure if you even have a mole?

Worried about things yeah…. click things…. goooood.