Skin Analytics

Identify Earlier. Reduce wait times. Save lives.

Founded in 2012, Skin Analytics is an AI Healthcare solutions provider based in the UK. We believe in a world where nobody dies of skin cancer and through our technology, are committed to making this a reality. Leading the way in AI supported skin cancer diagnosis, we continue to develop and deploy our AI solution in the NHS and directly to patients.

DERM, our AI, is the only class IIa AI approved for dermatology, live and deployed in the NHS.

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We’ve spent more than 10 years building, validating and deploying DERM (Deep Ensemble for Recognition of Malignancy). DERM is a machine learning AI certified as a class IIa medical device capable of identifying 11 lesion types.

DERM helps to address the gap between demand and capacity by supporting the earlier identification of skin lesions.