Ugly Ducklings Aren’t Just In Fairytales

When assessing the risk of a mole, we all know the traditional ABCDE’s (check out the American Academy of Dermatologists here if you don’t). Dermatologists bring an even greater level of sophistication when they assess a mole’s features.

However, this is notoriously difficult to do as each of us is unique (our mum’s were right!) which is why doctors and dermatologists are the only ones who are capable of diagnosing melanoma.

Enter our Ugly Duckling algorithm – a way of finding that risky mole.

Uniqueness gives us a new tool for detecting suspicious moles that need further investigation: the Ugly Duckling (If you want an explanation from the Skin Cancer Foundation go here, but we’ll summarise that below).

The Ugly Duckling sign is based on the fact that all our own moles share common features with our other moles. Given melanoma is a mutation of cells which begin growing out of control, they change from being like our moles and start looking different.

So a mole that is very different from the rest, even if it does not seem so irregular in shape or colour, needs attention.

SkinAnalytics is developing a sophisticated Ugly Duckling algorithm to group your moles according to their features and spotting any that are different, the Ugly Ducklings.

We’re working with leading academics to test and validate our approach with the goal of providing you with another way to identify high risk moles that should be seen by your doctor.

Remember, the very best screening comes from you. So if you are worried about your moles, we suggest you to visit your doctor.