Skin Analytics response to BMJ article: B2C apps not up to standard… SA’s evidence much stronger.

In February 2020, skin cancer researchers released a paper calling into question the quality of evidence behind the current crop of consumer-facing skin cancer apps. Given that we’re focused on the integration of our AI into health providers like the NHS and Vitality Health, we weren’t part of this paper. The conclusion was that the studies were poorly designed and didn’t validate the claims the companies are making about their products.

The paper was published in the BMJ and is a stark reminder that machine learning applied to healthcare requires high quality clinical evidence. That lesson was shared with me by one of the authors of the paper way back in 2013. It has been a key pillar of our strategy at Skin Analytics ever since.

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New data shows DERM, our AI skin cancer diagnosis tool, could be as accurate as clinical specialist

The prospective, diagnostic trial saw DERM, our AI platform, correctly identify all malignant lesions (100% sensitivity) with an average AUROC of 95.8% with 65% specificity versus 70% specificity and a 77% AUROC score demonstrated by the clinical experts. DERM, a CE marked medical device, was developed as a tool to aid clinicians in identifying 11 common skin lesion types, including melanoma.

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Skin Analytics Have a New Office

As the team continues to expand, we've outgrown our existing office space and have moved to a new office in The Frames, 1 Phipp Street, EC2A 4PS. We've not moved far though, we remain in the heart of London's tech scene in Shoreditch. The new space will have some room...

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Financial Support for Med-Tech Start-Ups

At Skin Analytics we have quite a few Google Alerts set so that we can keep up with the ever changing med-tech landscape. We were quite surprised to see our name pop up related to funding... Digital Health.london and RYSE asset management are calling for early stage...

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CogX 2019 Winners

We are delighted to announce that the Skin Analytics have been recognised for their innovative work in AI, by CogX, the world’s leading festival of all things AI and emerging technology. The team were awarded Best Innovation in Computer Vision at the 2019 CogX Awards,...

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Skin Analytics on CNN

Working in a startup that uses AI or Computer Vision to try and help improve health outcomes means that we are very familiar with the term CNN. In our world CNN means convolutional neural network which is a deep neural network used to classify images. (To all of the...

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CNN Interview

If it does not turn up on Google did it really happen? Recently our CEO Neil was interviewed by CNN about our AI and how it can help find skin cancer which will improve patient outcomes and save public health a lot of money too. As a company we were very very excited...

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World Cancer Day 2019

February 4 was World Cancer Day. The Skin Analytics team knew this, heck we even talked about it in our team meeting. We decided as a company that we would tweet about it too. Why? Because it is important. Worldcancerday.org perfectly describes cancer as a critical...

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Technical Partnerships

At Skin Analytics we have found that part of the skill required to successfully develop AI as a medical device is to know when to ask for help. Recently we undertook a project to develop a back end for our AI solution. We needed more than something that just worked,...

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How Skin Analytics really helps

At Skin Analytics we are really focused on making sure that we get our AI just right. Our aim has always been to be able to help identify skin cancer earlier by removing some of the barriers that people face. And we are well on the way. But really, we always need to...

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Hats off to the University of Heidelberg

Well maybe not hats off, we are a company that encourages people to be sun smart after all! So we shall leave our hats on and offer a round of applause instead. The University of Heidelberg has published a paper in the Annals of Oncology that demonstrates the...

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