Why is melanoma so dangerous?

It's All About Depth. At Skin Analytics we put all our energy into catching melanoma early. But why? Because if a melanoma grow just a fraction of a millimetre too deep, its much harder to stop. Before we talk about why that is, lets get into some biology. Melanoma is...

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Crowdfunding – A view from the trenches

It’s day 5 of our crowdfunding campaign and the tension in the office is palpable. As I write this, we have £169k pledged of our £450k round meaning we’re doing well. But I also know that success comes with momentum and our next goal is to get up to £225k within the...

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Summer’s over – can I stop my skin checks?

Here in London we’ve noticed it getting a little chillier over the last couple of weeks. Winter coats are coming out and central heating is going on. But we also know summer’s over because our summer surge of site visits is starting to drop off. We always get a peak...

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The best way to tackle melanoma?

Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world and it disproportionately affects young people. Current global survival rates are up at around 75%. That’s good, but until it’s 100%, we need to do better. So where do we start? Melanoma, like any cancer, can...

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Technology in service of your health

Recent advances in medical imaging enabled a large quantity of high quality data to be collected. However, most of that data goes unseen because of the data explosion problem and the time constraints. At the same time the ubiquity of smartphones and improvement in the...

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NEWS: partnership launch with Vitality Health

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new partnership with Vitality Health. Vitality Health (formerly Pru Health) is one of the UK’s leading health insurers and is part of the Discovery Holdings Group from South Africa. It provides private health insurance...

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See that on my thumb?

When it comes to skin cancer, we often see statistics hit the headlines – and they rarely give cause to celebrate. Skin cancer rates are up; sunbed use is up. And whilst we all know we ought to heed the statistics, often it’s difficult to relate them to our own lives...

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The truth about orange juice and melanoma

A recent US study showed an increased risk of melanoma for those who drank more than one glass of orange juice a day. Sounds ominous for those of us striving to reach the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables. doesn’t it. But before you change your daily...

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