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What we do

Making early diagnosis of melanoma easier

Dermascopic Imaging

We follow NICE best practice guidelines and use dermascopic lenses to see more features in a lesion.

Automated Screening

Our unique classifier can identify risky lesions.

Change Detection

We can detect change in skin lesions over time with our patented algorithms.

Our Team

Driving Innovation

Tom White


A Cambridge Computer Scientist, Tom manages our infrastructure and products.

Neil Daly


Neil comes from a background of mobile innovation with the GSMA.

Tom White


A Cambridge Computer Scientist, Tom manages our infrastructure and products.

Ally Mintz


Former medical malpractice lawyer Ally makes sure what we're doing is safe.

Our Services

Manage your skincare with us or one of our partners


Our flagship service for getting an instant diagnosis of your skin lesion

Vitality Skin Check

Get referred by your Vitality GP to get our Dematologist-backed skin check

Change Detection

Our first award-winning product: monitor your moles for change

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Ugly Ducklings aren’t just in fairytales

When assessing the risk of a mole, we all know the traditional ABCDE’s (check out the American Academy of Dermatologists here if you don’t). Dermatologists bring an even greater level of sophistication when they assess a mole’s features.

However, this is notoriously difficult to do as each of us is unique (our mum’s were right!) which is why doctors and dermatologists are the only ones who are capable of diagnosing melanoma. Read More >>

How to tell a melanoma from a scary mole

Telling whether an odd looking mole is a melanoma is a real challenge. In fact, the only sure way to know is with a biopsy. But, before you get them all cut out, there are signs and symptoms that can help you and your doctor to make the right decision.

According to the National Cancer Institute there are three main kinds of moles you need to know about: a common mole, a dysplastic mole, and a melanoma`. Read More >>

Why is melanoma so dangerous? Its all about depth.

At Skin Analytics we put all our energy into catching melanoma early. But why? Because if a melanoma grow just a fraction of a millimetre too deep, its much harder to stop. Read More >>

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