We are helping build a future where no one dies from skin cancer

Skin Analytics are working with the NHS to build world leading skin cancer pathways using the only UKCA Class IIa AI as a Medical Device (AIaMD) for dermatology to sustainably deliver better patient outcomes

Shortage of NHS dermatologists and growing waitlists

Skin cancer generates the most urgent referrals of any cancer in the UK and referrals are growing by over 11% year on year [1]. Despite sustained and considerable effort from dermatology departments, this has led to waitlists growing significantly – provisional NHS data suggests that at the end of 2022 11% of urgent skin cancer referrals are waiting more than 4 weeks for a first assessment, amounting to 17,454 patients in Q3 FY 22/23 .  

World-leading AI skin cancer pathways for NHS Trusts

Skin Analytics’ UKCA marked Class IIa AI as a Medical Device (AIaMD), DERM (Deep Ensemble for the Recognition of Malignancy), is built around our custom built teledermatology platform to help triage patients into the right place, at the right time and to conserve dermatologist capacity for patients who need it.

DERM has identified 7 out of every 10 benign lesions assessed, while finding 97% of cancers [2], allowing dermatologists to focus on the patients that need them most. 

[2] 14 sites (22nd April 2022 to 26th Jan 2024).

NHS nurtured, global leader

Supported by the NHS since 2016 as part of the NHS accelerators DigitalHealth.London and the NHS National Innovation Accelerator as well as through the AI in Health & Care Award and SBRI Healthcare Cancer Programme

NHS World Leader

Skin Analytics and the NHS launched the world’s first AI skin cancer pathway in 2020 as well as the first patient autonomously assessed by AI

Our latest quarterly report showed 

of cancers found and
0 %
of benign lesions were correctly identified by our AI, DERM.
0 %

DERM has identified

potential NHS USCR cases assessed as suitable for discharge
0 %

Skin Analytics has helped Secondary Care organisations avoid

of NHS face-to-face USCRs
0 %

Since 2020, Skin Analytics has launched 24 partnerships using DERM with the NHS

of skin cancers
Skin Analytics
Performance Reports
of benign lesions
correctly identified
Skin Analytics
Performance Reports

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