Skin Analytics named in the top 5 companies in TechRound’s AITech35 campaign🏆

TechRound’s AITech35 campaign winners were announced this week and we’re proud to be positioned in the top 5

In mid May 2024, TechRound ran their first AITech35 campaign, celebrating the most exciting AI companies and innovations across the UK and Europe. As a hugely popular and fast-growing market, TechRound felt compelled to launch a competition showcasing the best in AI.

With 35 positions up for grabs, we’re proud to be positioned as number 5.

Well done to all AITech35 campaign winners!

Skin Analytics’ winning entry:

Building the world’s advanced skin cancer pathways, using AI

Skin cancer is the largest referring cancer speciality within in the NHS.

Right now, anxious patients are waiting on Urgent Suspected Cancer (USC) pathways where diagnosis targets are not being met.

At the same time, the NHS is seeing more than 650,000 USC referrals each year which continues to grow by 11% YOY. Exacerbating the problem is the finite number of dermatologists available to meet the growing demand – currently 1 in 4 Consultant Dermatologist positions remain unfilled.

Early skin cancer detection is so important; melanoma survival rates are as high as 99% when caught early.

As such, the current skin cancer care scenario is unsafe and unsustainable, but preventable

With no easy way to suddenly increase the number of dermatologists, Artificial Intelligence as a Medical Device (AIaMD) can offer an alternative way to extend dermatology capacity, address demand, speed up current diagnostic pathways and improve patient outcomes.

That’s where Skin Analytics’ DERM comes in.

Founded in 2012, Skin Analytics builds the world’s most advanced skin cancer pathways using AI interventions.

Skin Analytics’DERM analyses dermoscopic images of a skin lesions and is trained to classify 11 different lesion types including the most common malignant, pre-malignant, and benign skin lesions. This allows NHS organisations to discharge patients with benign lesions earlier in the pathway and prioritise patients that need to be seen or receive treatment.

First deployed in 2020 at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Skin Analytics is the first and only AI skin cancer pathway within the NHS. Since then, we’ve whole-heartedly pursued our mission to build a world where no one dies from skin cancer and are proud to have 15 NHS partnerships.

As of Q1 2024, Skin Analytics has assessed over 92,000 NHS patients for suspicion of skin cancer, helping Secondary Care organisations remove the need for more than 63% of face-to-face NHS urgent suspected skin cancer appointments.

We’re proud to epitomise AI for good and pioneer a market leading approach to performance monitoring and continual improvement for AI. Thanks to rigorous research, post-market surveillance, real-world evidence and clinical trials, DERM is clinically safe, performing at more than 95% sensitivity and identifying melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer with a similar accuracy to dermatologists.

In what can be an anxiety-inducing time for many patients, we’re proud to play a role in shifting perceptions of the use of AIaMD within skin cancer pathways. Recent research showed that of NHS patients, 84% felt comfortable having their photographs taken with a mobile phone device and 62% would rather have their skin assessed by a computer than wait weeks to see a dermatologist in-person.

Whilst solid research and real-word evidence is integral when it comes to using AIaMD, the true value is in collectively working towards better patient outcomes and long term sustainability for the vital services within our NHS.

This is what drives us forward every day.

Learn more about AI skin cancer pathways here.

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