AI gives you the power to redesign health services

At Skin Analytics we know that a high quality AI needs to be carefully built into existing and new health pathways. 

Harnessing the power of DERM AI means that we can help to deliver dermatology services that improve a patient’s ability to access skin cancer assessments and reduce costs to the health system.

Improving Access

  • Delayed access to medical care can dramatically reduce patient outcomes.
  • We provide heathcare professionals with a simple to use service that is easily completed within their consultation times.
  • Our AI can be used anywhere that there is mobile phone or internet coverage helping to improve patient pathways for people living in remote regions.

Reducing Costs

  • We enable GPs or other healthcare professionals to better identify skin cancers that need onward referral to specialist.
  • Through reduced referral rates DERM AI reduces the need for specialist appointments for skin cancer.
  • Using DERM AI can help to reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies and reduce overall treatment costs through earlier identification of skin cancer.

DERM AI Skin Cancer Triage in the NHS

Every year 470,000 patients are placed on the ‘Urgent 2 week wait’ treatment pathway to find only 16,000 melanoma. Demand is growing while capacity is not.

DERM AI identifies malignant skin lesions with high levels of sensitivity and specificity. This medically technology helps reduce the need for secondary care referrals by up to 60%.

University Hospitals Birmingham’s skin cancer community assessment service is using DERM AI to safely reduce delays in skin cancer detection and treatment.

Additionally, Skin Analytics provides skin cancer teledermatology services to CCG’s to reduce secondary care referrals. 

Telederm by Skin Analytics in the NHS

Norwich CCG

Since April 2019 we’ve delivered a service that enables GPs to get a second opinion from a consultant dermatologist within one working day for skin lesions they’re unsure about before referring the patient to secondary care. So far, half of patients through this service have been discharged with guidance rather than referred to secondary care, saving over 400 secondary care appointments.

West Hampsire CCG

Since October 2018 we’ve worked with our partner About Health to enable an HCA led community clinic which has triaged over 1,500 GP referred skin cancer patients to ensure that they’re treated on the correct pathway.

Improving customer access with partners


We’ve been working with Vitality since 2015 to allow their members to get a skin check within a few days from the comfort of their own home. We send special imaging kits to patients who capture images of the lesions they’re concerned about for review by our consultant dermatologists. Patients are either re-assured by us, or referred on for a face to face appointment with a dermatologist by Vitality.


In 2020 we launched a new pathway with Bupa, to enable their members to access high quality skin checks from the comfort of their own home. You can find more about this here.

Patient Safety and Quality Policy

Skin Analytics aims to provide best in class solutions for patients. We work to meet our customers and partners expectations by delivering on our brand vision with innovative and customer focused products and services.

We empower our teams to maintain a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, underpinned by an effective and efficient Quality Management System that complies with statutory and regulatory requirements.

We put safety and outcomes at the heart of what we do, to provide high quality products and services which are reliable, safe and compliant which is why we are so proud to have achieved ISO 13485:2016 compliance. MD 711728. 

Partner with us


  • Our services are only available through our clinical partners in the UK. If you're worried about your skin and haven't been referred to us please speak to a doctor without delay.