Crowdfunding – A view from the trenches

It’s day 5 of our crowdfunding campaign and the tension in the office is palpable.

As I write this, we have £169k pledged of our £450k round meaning we’re doing well. But I also know that success comes with momentum and our next goal is to get up to £225k within the next 5 days. If we can do that, we’ll be on the hot list and get further exposure and improve our chances of closing the round.

Thinking back on our decision to raise a round through Crowdcube and I have to say we were a little naive. The amount of work on both sides to put together a campaign is very significant, not least because every claim needs to proven during due diligence.

I had to take one of my team off the site because getting her transcript from University of Cambridge was taking too long and we couldn’t prove she’d been there otherwise!

For all the pain, the Crowdcube team have been great and protecting the integrity of the information benefits everyone. Investors can trust what they read, start ups can really compete on the quality of their work and Crowdcube can make sure that their sourced deals are the best out there.

Back to Day 5 though. The support of the 48 investors who believe in what we’re trying to do has been great. To think there are 48 people (so far!) who have chosen to spend their hard earned money on trying to beat melanoma with us makes me very proud.

Momentum is our word of the day, time to get shouting from the rooftops!