Summer’s over – can I stop my skin checks?

Here in London we’ve noticed it getting a little chillier over the last couple of weeks. Winter coats are coming out and central heating is going on.

But we also know summer’s over because our summer surge of site visits is starting to drop off. We always get a peak of people visiting our website during July and August but that starts to reduce as Autumn approaches.

It’s understandable – we think it’s because skin cancer tends to be in the news during the summer and sun protection is nearer the top of most people’s to do lists. It may even be because summer clothes mean people can see more of their skin and so notice abnormal lesions or moles.

It’s great that awareness increases during the summer and we know it’s a key opportunity to help people become more skin aware.

But we also want you to know that your risk of developing skin cancer is the same whatever the season. Winter may be here, but your mole checks are as important as ever.

That’s because the main cause of melanoma is long term sun damage. Sustaining 5 or more severe sunburns in childhood can increase your risk of developing melanoma – at any point – by 80%. And that risk doesn’t go away just because you’re wearing your winter coat.

Your skin checks need to be regular. We want you to pay as much attention to your skin in the winter as you do in the summer.

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