Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2024

Skin Analytics challenge the team to 31 days of 30+ SPF for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

How well do you prioritise your protection from the Sun? Do you often check your skin?

Today marks the beginning of #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth and at Skin Analytics we’re encouraging the team – and you – to participate in ‘31 days of 30+’.

That’s 31 days of wearing 30+ SPF. 🧴

People say it takes 3 weeks to change a habit, so hopefully wearing SPF daily will become part of everyone’s routine, if it isn’t already!

What sunscreen/SPF do I get?

  1. Broad spectrum SPF: Protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. You want to look for ones with 3 , 4 , or 5 star UV protection ratings.
  2. SPF 15: Ideal for everyday, occasional exposure, like walking your dog, or driving to work. (That’s right folks.. rays can damage your skin if you’re sat next to the window)
  3. SPF 30 or higher: Necessary for extended outdoor activities, including distance running, hiking, swimming and outdoor sports. SPF 30 is a must if you work outdoors.

How much do I use? And how to apply it properly… 

  1. To get the full broad-spectrum protection out of your SPF, apply one ounce to your entire body. Most people apply less than half of that amount, translating into reduced protection.
  2. For the face… you want to put a line of SPF on your 2nd and 3rd finger and pop all over your face & neck

Will you join us?

More on Skin Cancer Awareness Month here.

If you’re worried about a mole or skin lesion, always contact your healthcare professional.

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