World Cancer Day 2019

February 4 was World Cancer Day. The Skin Analytics team knew this, heck we even talked about it in our team meeting. We decided as a company that we would tweet about it too. Why? Because it is important. perfectly describes cancer as a critical health and human issue. Our company is entirely focused on helping more people survive skin cancer. As a company we ask ourselves will it help us find more skin cancer before we take any actions. So for use to publicly acknowledge World Cancer Day in a tweet was really something important.

And yet somehow we forgot to do it. Despite talking about it. Despite agreeing it was important. Despite it mattering to every single employee at Skin Analytics. We got busy with the core of our work and forgot to make time to do one little but important task.

I was lying in bed thinking about that this morning. It suddenly dawned on me that our failure to tweet is kind of like a metaphor for skin cancer checks, or even cancer checks in general. We notice something about ourselves that concerns us a little. We think to ourselves that we should probably ask a doctor about it. But life gets in the way and we forget to follow through. Suddenly a few months have passed… In most cases that concerning something is nothing. But every once in a while it is cancer. And those few months may have been important to help treatment.

If you or a loved one have something that you are concerned about just stop right now, book an appointment with your GP. Chances are it will be nothing. But if it is cancer then maybe you will have helped doctors to help you.

Don’t let everyday life get in the way of your health. After all, life is just too important!