AI for Skin Cancer… But we are NOT a technology business

It is true, we are not a technology company… Perhaps I should explain?

When we started our journey to bring better access to high quality skin assessments we focused on how best to use technology do that. As with all blue sky ideas we have had to try quite a few different methods before we found the right solution to help us deliver upon this mission. Eventually we discovered that AI, specifically deep learning,  was the best tool for us. AI is at the cutting edge of technology, so it probably seems strange to turn around and say that we are not a tech company. But we aren’t. Not when you think about what we are trying to achieve.

At Skin Analytics we are passionate about helping to improve patient outcomes. That means working with partners to help them deliver skin checks in a better way. Or quite simply a better service.  So when you start to think about it like that then we are actually a health care service company.

Neil was recently interviewed by Barry Shrier at Disruptive Live to talk about exactly this. Have a watch and you will discover how we came to this realisation and what it has meant for us as a company.

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